Welcome to Project Sonrisa, It's great to see you!

We are a non-profit organisation based in Scotland who take an intersectional approach to tackling the stigma surrounding mental health. We do this by engaging people in the creative arts and by encouraging more meaningful conversations. Remember, It All Matters...

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Our podcast 'It All Matters' aims to encourage more meaningful conversations around mental wellbeing as well as show the importance of intersectionality. Co-designed with our guests, the podcast is for anyone and everyone to tell their story. Even if just one person is positively impacted, relates to an episode or feels less alone we have acheived our goal. 


We create a safe place where people can feel seen and heard.


Anyone can get involved in our projects and events.


Every story, journey and experience is special and unique.

Our Funders

Project Sonrisa appreciates the support we receive from both our current and previous funders.