Partner Projects

Mental Health & The Pandemic Workshop

During the COVID-19 pandemic more and more people have been focusing on their mental health. It is so important and crucial during this time to learn ways to cope and adapt to change as well as maintain good mental well being. Project Sonrisa partnered with Kirsty Campbell, a well-being coach to create a workshop focusing on mental health and well being during the pandemic. It included an introductory talk from Kirsty and then an open discussion about mental health. 

Kirsty also created a free guided meditation which we shared across our social media platforms to encourage others to focus on mindfulness and relaxation.  

Image of the online mental health workshop

Mental Health & Music Week

From Monday the 17th August to Sunday the 23rd of August 2020, Project Sonrisa partnered with 2 Spuds in a Pod - a well-being and fitness business based in Cumbernauld to create 'Mental Health and Music Week'. Over the course of the week there were activities, videos and social media posts aimed at showing how music can have a positive impact on your mental health. One of the highlights of the week was the Live Music Showcase where a diverse range of singers and songwriters performed and introduced songs that meant something to them. 

Helen and Rosie from 2 Spuds in a Pod told us;

"2 Spuds in a Pod are wellbeing coaches who think outside of the box to help you become the best version of yourself. We do this by personal training, yoga, nutrition, Mindset Re-Set workshops, goal setting and Kinetic Chain Release. 

We partnered with Project Sonrisa last summer to put on a mental health and music week. We discovered how music can help mental health and to put that happy smile on your face. During the week we had various projects from a quiz to what music meant to you to inspirational quotes. It all came together on a Saturday night where we had an online concert with some spectacular names. "

You can find the the video of the full music showcase on our Facebook page. The performers included;

Iona McMillan, Ross Wilkie, Sam Lubkowski, Xander (Third Way), Iona Jack, Linus Liljeblad and Harry Lubkowski.